Rediscovering shots

I know a lot of photographers like to sit on their shots for a while to let them stew a bit. And I can see why - often I'll go back to shots that I eagerly showed people straight away because I thought they were the best things I'd ever done. Only to find that maybe they're not quite as good as I thought.

It's something I should try and do more.

Particularly as I was going through some old pictures which I shot on my Yashica 635 today and suddenly stumbled upon the shot below. Which I was pleasantly surprised by. I didn't give it a second look at the time but for some reason it pounced straight out at me today.

I think it's the sparseness of it and the simple shape that the trees and reflections make cutting through the shot. And the lack of colour apart from the green on one bank and the browns of the other bank.

I'm going to be using the Yashica for some landscape work over the next couple of months in Cornwall and France. This kind of sparseness is what I have in mind, so I'm glad I rediscovered this.