Bath Carnival

This year's Bath Carnival was on Saturday the 17th July. The procession wound through the streets of Bath for over two hours, and this year was joined by Bath Pride.

My wife works for the charity Action on Hearing Loss and they were taking part as they did last year with their day care clients. So I volunteered to capture the day.

It can be quite full on, scampering around the streets trying to capture everything going on. But great fun too. I thought I'd shake it up a bit this year with my photography by using my usual short zoom and also a long zoom - something which I generally only get out when I'm lurking around at a motorsport event.

Using a long zoom made me work differently which I quite liked. Rather than having to shove my camera up into faces (which I still did from time to time), I found I could pick out faces and use the crowds to frame people and add depth.

The full set can be seen over on my Flickr page