Rollei Retro 80S

I don't shoot on film quite as much as I used to. But I still like to have a camera or two loaded up with film ready to go if I fancy it. I'm also pretty bad at getting the film developed so what comes back can sometimes be a pleasant surprise.

For colour film, I've pretty much settled on Kodak Portra 400 nowadays.
But for B&W, I've ben experimenting recently. I used to shoot Ilford Delta 3200 but in the past year I've been trying out Kentmere, Fomapan, and now some Rollei Retro 80S.

It's a much slower speed film than I'd usually use. And I'd stupidly loaded my Oly OM10 up with it in the middle of winter, which lessened the conditions I could shoot in. But with some sunnier days I thought I'd crack on and take some test shots with it.

And I have to say: I really quite like it.
I rated it at 50ASA on the camera and the scanned images came back quite light. But quickly pulling the blacks back down in Lightroom gave it a nice contrast range. Although the final image (below) was straight out of the camera - no tweaking there at all.

I need to go shopping for some more film. Thinking some more of this and testing out the 400ASA version is needed.