Manual lens fun

I've used manual lenses on and off for a while. It's quite nice knowing that you have no choice but to focus in the 'proper' way rather than just relying on autofocus. Besides which,  when shooting on film I don't have much choice with an Olympus OM10!

Yesterday, I decided to go all manual with my digital whilst spending the day playing boules in the sunshine. I knew some shots I'd want to get would be from a bit of distance, so mounting a Zuiko 50mm f1.8 to my EM10ii would probably work quite well - basically making it a fast 100mm lens on the MFT body.

I found I was working with it surprisingly quickly by the end of the day - even wide open my focussing was pretty good. And rather than just trying to instantly catch a moment like I usually might with an auto focus lens, I was tending to watch out for something developing whilst I focussed, so it slowed me down a little but gave me a bit more time to compose the shot.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a 25mm lens for my MFT for a while (for a classic nifty fifty). But now thinking about maybe going for a nice old Zuiko 24mm or 28mm manual which can work on both my OM10 and EM10ii.

Oh, and as always: we were crap at boules.